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Mary Burwell and Scott Hartwich have been drinking, preparing, roasting, and selling coffee since 1989. They fell in love while working for the same large company (think mermaid), and moved on to open one of the first espresso carts in Portland, Oregon, as well as a successful coffee house. Hammerhead is the Bellingham-based culmination of this shared passion.

Mary and Scott run the company as a true, Mom and Pop business, and enjoy working with retail and wholesale customers who value substance over style, a down-to-earth and personal approach to customer service, and a commitment to sustainability and a healthy local community. Plus they design really wacky coffee labels.


Cal's Blend (Dark Roast)

Cal's Blend Half Caf Web.png
Cal's Blend Half Caf Web.png

Cal's Blend (Dark Roast)


50% decaf Italian, 50% Velvet Elvis. Intense and flavorful with plenty of body and roasty goodness, but with half the kick . Half-Caf Dark Roast.

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