Hammerhead Coffee

Mary Burwell and Scott Hartwich have been drinking, preparing, roasting, and selling coffee since 1989. They fell in love while working for the same large company (think mermaid), and moved on to open one of the first espresso carts in Portland, Oregon, as well as a successful coffee house. Hammerhead is the Bellingham-based culmination of this shared passion.

Mary and Scott run the company as a true, Mom and Pop business, and enjoy working with retail and wholesale customers who value substance over style, a down-to-earth and personal approach to customer service, and a commitment to sustainability and a healthy local community. Plus they design really wacky coffee labels.



Considering Hammerhead for your wholesale needs? Here's what you need to know:

We source only green beans which have been certified organic. 

Rather than using smoke and mirror language to convince you our roasting profiles are superior, we simply roast to the best of our abilities. Let your palate be the judge. 

The vast majority of the coffees we purchase are certified Fair Trade.

We will not steer you a direction that is convenient for us, but instead ask you to steer us in YOUR direction. If you want to utilize our twenty-plus years in the coffee industry (roasting, preparing, drinking, and worshiping coffee), we're there to interfere as much as you desire. If all you want is a bean delivery once or twice weekly, that's fine also.


Our wholesale pricing structure is an open book. We'll share our green bean prices, and our formula to calculate our wholesale pricing with no reservations. If our green bean prices go down, likely so will your wholesale prices. One other thing: if all you're looking for is cheaper coffee, please go elsewhere. We're not the least expensive, and we're certainly not the most expensive.

When it comes to coffee roasters, bigger is rarely better. We currently roast on a 3 kilo machine, which allows us batches as large as eight pounds. We will never use a roaster with a capacity greater than ten kilos. For these reasons, we often refer to ourselves as Nano-roasters, rather than Micro-roasters.

We are a true Mom and Pop business (although we bring in our son to help, and enlist the service of a few friends to seek out new wholesale accounts).When you have a question or an issue, you talk to Mary or Scott directly. The buck stops with us, not an underling. We prefer not to insulate ourselves from our customers, and will carry this philosophy onward even if we begin to expand.

If--gasp--you decide NOT to use Hammerhead, please investigate the other legal roasters in Whatcom County, rather than heading a southerly direction. They're good people, and roast incredible coffee. Let's keep it local.

Give is a call at 360-393-5247. We look forward to hearing from you.

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