Single Origin Trio: Medium Roast Organic Coffee

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Rotating Single Origin Roasts; Chef's Choice

Three 12 ounce bags of specialty medium roast blends from Hammerhead, your favorite Bellingham coffee roasters. Send your taste buds on a journey as you travel the world with your morning cup. 

Your coffees could be among the following:

Ethiopia:  Dry processed! That means a medium body, and a creamy mouthfeel. The unique combination of sweet fruit and honey, along with lovely winey acidity, make this Ethiopian a slightly wild classic.

Sumatra: Featuring coffee from the Ketiara Cooperative, contrasted to the usual Sumatra profile. Enjoy featured fruit tones like cherry and grape almost swaying to notes of pineapple and citrus complimented by a creamy body and lively acidity.

Rwanda: We are very happy this year to be offering coffee produced by a group of women within the coop, who have organized themselves as the Hingakawa Women’s Association.

Brazil:  A pleasantly bright top note compliments the expected depth, body, and sweetness of this coffee.

Honduras:  Medium-bodied with lively acidity, plenty of brown sugar sweetness, and notes of dark fruit.