Thanks for Your Support!

Hammerhead Coffee is still roasting your favorite coffee(s)!

We are carrying on the legacy Scott & Mary established over many years! We are super excited for the opportunity to add Hammerhead Coffee to our local roastery, defining the perfect roast, one batch at a time!


Meet the Original Founders of Hammerhead Coffee Roasters:

Mary Burwell and Scott Hartwich have been drinking, preparing, roasting, and selling coffee since 1989. They fell in love while working for the same large company (think mermaid), and moved on to open one of the first espresso carts in Portland, Oregon, as well as a successful coffee house. Fast forward to 2007 in Bellingham where Hammerhead Coffee was borne as the culmination of this shared passion.
Today, the company is still run as a true, Mom and Pop business, working with retail and wholesale customers who value substance over style, a down-to-earth and personal approach to customer service, and a commitment to sustainability and a healthy local community. Always excited to design really wacky coffee labels. (true)
2021 has some new and exciting plans for us, we welcome you along our journey, coffee in hand!


Green fair trade, organic coffee beans. Photo by Andrea Holodnick

Hammerhead Coffee has been sourcing organic-certified green coffee beans since early 2016. Whenever possible, we source Fair-Trade certified coffees, which allows us to work with cooperatives of small growers--Mom and Pop, if you will--as opposed to larger plantations.
You may notice our front label does not carry the Organic Seal, we are working towards new certification for that starting 2021. We will however continue to promote, advertise and support Organic Coffee Only in our Roastery & for you, our customers. As such we will note on the back label that all Ingredients: 100% Organic Coffee Beans.
Always feel free to contact us directly about our sourcing process, or to request information abut a particular plantation or coop. We'll be glad to oblige.