About Us

Hello! Our names are Mitchell Steed and Meredith O’Malley. We are the current owners of Hammerhead Coffee Roasters. To put it simply, we are honored to be carrying on the legacy that Scott Hartwich and Mary Burwell created, when they founded the company in 2007. Hammerhead is such a beloved small business in Bellingham and has spread its joy far beyond city limits over the years. 

We want to share a bit about Scott and Mary, especially since they are who we have to thank for such a wonderful company in the first place! They met while working in Portland, Oregon and moved on to open up one of the first espresso carts in the city. The espresso cart became a successful coffee house and the two eventually decided to move and call Bellingham home. 

Hammerhead got some initial admiration from the community when Scott and Mary had a steady coffee cart at the Bellingham Farmers’ Market. That exposure grew into some local partnerships with restaurants, cafes and the community co-ops. Fast forward to today, we also have a wonderfully active online community, whose weekly or monthly coffee subscriptions help support our growth and ability to share our passion. 

We are excited to continue Hammerhead’s story in a way that honors its history. Our most cherished moments as business owners has been when long-time customers share stories of how they’ve come to love our coffee. Most often, they share a memory involving Scott or Mary. We’re so thankful for these relationships and memories that they’ve built and are excited to make some of our own, too. Long live Velvet Elvis!

Above: Scott and Mary

How we source our coffee:
Hammerhead Coffee has been sourcing Fair Trade, Organic (FTO) certified green coffee beans since early 2016. We prefer to work with cooperatives of small growers, as opposed to larger plantations.
You may notice our front label does not carry the Organic seal, we are working towards new certification in early 2023. As such, we will note on the back label "Ingredients: 100% Organic Coffee Beans".
Feel free to contact us directly about our sourcing process, or to request information about a particular farm or co-op.