Looking for a fun and painless way to raise money for your organization? Consider a Hammerhead Coffee fundraiser: We'll help you choose a blend, create a custom label and order forms, and get you rolling in no time at all!

You can expect a minimum return of fifty percent on your orders, which far surpasses other, more common means of raising money... Not to mention that folks really appreciate fresh, locally roasted beans.

The process is simple: Your people take orders and collect funds from parents/friends/members, turn over the completed order form to us along with a check for the wholesale amount, and we roast, bag, and deliver to a central location within 2 working days. Distribution is up to you.

We have decaf available for interested parties, as well as the ability to grind individual bags. We can bag your beans in 100 percent compostable paper, or if long-term freshness is an issue, we're happy to use our new Biotre valved bags (made from 60 percent compostable ingredients, and 40 percent fast-degradation plastic). If your fundraiser is longer term and higher volume, we can provide custom-color bags.

Interested? Contact us! We'd love to speak to you.